Roald Dahl Day @ EIS 2017

The 13th of September is Roald Dahl’s birthday so today EIS students celebrated with some fun activities in the LRC. We were very impressed with the effort that our students made to dress up, make props and generally bring the Roald Dahl characters to life for us – definitely worth 5 house points!

Before school this morning and during morning break, we all listened to the audiobook ‘The Twits” while the students did some Roald Dahl crafts. Most students were inspired by George from ‘George’s Marvelous Medicine,’ or Willy Wonka, creating a, ‘DO NOT DISTURB – Inventions In Progress!’ door hanger. Others hoped to be like Matilda and surprise their teachers or their parents, with a slippery creature they designed:

“You have put a…a…a crocodile in my drinking water!” the Trunchbull yelled back. ‘There is no worse crime in the world against a Headmistress!’

Lots of students made Mr. Twit’s beard and pretty disgusting it was too – full of worms, old bits of cheese and fish bones! Finally, dozens of our students competed eagerly for the Scrumptumplious Quiz Prize. We will find out who won on Friday in assembly.

In Middle School, Grade 7 won a non-uniform day for completing their quiz quickly and correctly. Their knowledge of this great writer’s life and work was impressive. Our High School read some of Roald Dahl’s very spooky short stories from, ‘Kiss. Kiss’. Not many people know that Roald Dahl wrote fiction for adults as well as children.

Lunchtime was movie time today, with a showing of ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ for Primary and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ for Middle and High School students.

We are delighted to see that the LRC’s large collection of Roald Dahl books is vastly depleted. We hope that the children enjoy reading the stories at home as much as we enjoy reading them in the library.

Here are some photos of on Roald Dahl Day @ EIS!


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