PP Ideas 2016-17


Project possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! Any passion or interest you have can probably be converted into a personal project! Following is just a sampling of the kinds of personal projects…

  • Design a suitable Learning Resource Centre model for the new EIS secondary campus!
  • How can we express our fashion through cultural heritage?
  • Rising stroke awareness through technology (app)
  • Creating a booklet for teenagers moving to Vietnam (…)- Vietnam through teenage eyes
  • Run a fundraising event for a charity
  • Developing a marketing campaign to address a Teen Issue, like teen pregnancy
  • Making a meaningful contribution toward the cause of blood donation
  • Create a picture book
  • Establishing a book club for EISHCMC students
  • The promotion of child adoption through advertising
  • Inter-religious marriages
  • Training a pet
  • Make a piece of furniture
  • Developing a new strategy for chess, poker or another game
  • Research family ancestry
  • Create a cookbook and make some of the meals
  • Learn to ski
  • Create an art portfolio
  • Creating an e-commerce website/ a blog
  • Design and create a dress
  • Designing and making jewelry
  • Plan and go on a significant trip
  • Become a mentor to a child in who needs academic help
  • Producing and directing a music video
  • Producing and directing an exercise video
  • Drawing a mural
  • Create a sculpture
  • Research and report on a local issue
  • Researching your genealogy
  • Remodeling using eco-friendly material
  • Develop a board game
  • Learn how to do gourmet cooking
  • Launching a Recycling Program
  • Learn to paly a musical instrument
  • Create a brochure about global warming
  • The cruel practice of animal testing
  • Learn a difficult piece of music
  • To raise the cultural awareness of EISHCMC students by creating a series of posters celebrating in pictorial and written form the various cultures of the secondary school
  • EISHCMC Book Week and Book Fair 2015-16
  • Alcoholic Children: Their plight and how we can help

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