Academic Honesty Lesson

<< This blended lesson is developed for a partial completion of an Online Course>>

Academic Honesty Syllabus

Unit Plan-Academic Honesty

Module-Plagiarism (Academic Dishonesty)

10th/11th Grade Information Literacy (Academic Honesty Unit): Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty (Blended Format)

In our last module we’ve learned School’s Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure and in this module, we’ll walk through Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty and how to avoid plagiarism giving credit to the creators. You must complete this module within one week (13/3 to 17/3). Contact me with questions! Remember to write your weekly reflection blog by Saturday.


This module address the EUROPEAN International School HCMC Academic Honesty Curriculum for High school available at (lesson 10)

Module Objectives

  1. The learning will be able to (TLWBAT) explain Plagiarism as a whole
  2. TLWBAT avoid plagiarism and other academic dishonesty in particular with 90% accuracy on in-text citation, referencing, quoting and paraphrasing.
  3. TLWBAT demonstrate their understanding, answering and asking the question to peers and Mr. Z during the Chalk-Talk session on Friday Core-time.

Downloads for this Module

  1. Seek and Find
  2. Academic Misconduct
  3. Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize and Avoid It?
  4. School Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure/ Academic Honesty consent form

Learning Activities and Links

  1. School-wide Citation and Reference continuum and expectation.
  2. What is plagiarism?
  3. How to cite and reference to avoid plagiarism?
  4. How to avoid plagiarism employing paraphrasing, summering and quoting?
  5. Quiz


  1. How to not plagiarize?
  2. How to paraphrase?

More resources:

  1. Plagiarism tutorial
  2. How to paraphrase



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