Roald Dahl Day Online Celebration 2021

“If you are going anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl.

To foster reading culture across the school community and maintain our traditional event, EIS has celebrated Roald Dahl Day ONLINE on September 13 this year in spite of the difficult circumstances of the pandemic.

A variety of activities has been organized for students and parents to join:

  • Reread or listen to your favorite Roald Dahl books or watch your favorite movie adaptation. If you don’t have any Roald Dahl books at home, don’t worry, please visit SORA to borrow the books.
  • Competition: Build your favorite Roald Dahl characters using Minecraft, LEGO, food or any materials you like to recycle. Send your photo to your Librarians to enter the competition and win your most-wanted Roald Dahl book prize by the end of 13th September.
  • Dressing up your favorite character to join in “Dahlicious Dress Up Day”. Post your photos on Seesaw to celebrate the day.
  • Get off the screen and design your Dream Jar to store your dreams/wishes. Share your works on Seesaw.
    • What you need:
      • A clean, glass jar
      • Self-adhesive book cover or contact paper
      • Permanent paper
      • Scissors
      • Gold craft paint (or other preferred color)
      • Kitchen sponge
      • Color paper
      • Ribbon (optional)
      • Watch this video for reference 
  • Activities during the day:

Students submitted their entries to win the prize. Check some outstanding photos out!

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