EIS Author Visit – Deborah Abela

Students at EIS had a fabulous day learning about how authors are inspired, how to develop characters and how stories are constructed. Our students all enjoyed writing the continuation of a story with Deb and were excited to read their stories aloud on stage. EIS students were inspired and engaged for every minute of Deb’s presentation. She introduced some of her best-known stories to our children, eg. Grimsdon, the New City, the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee, Jasper Zammit soccer legend, Max Remy super spy, and her picture book Wolfie: an unlikely hero.  Our kids all had a chance to buy her books at EIS and the most popular book sold was Grimsdon and the New City. Her visit to talk with the children was really valuable for our kids; her inspiration hooked their interest in writing stories. Here are some photos of her visit.

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