Book Week & Book Fair 2016

Our annual Book Week & Book Fair 2016 was held from Monday 9th to Friday 13th May with the theme of “One World, Many Stories”. In EISHCMC, Book Week is a celebration of books and reading, with activities, games and Book Fair all designed to increase a love of reading.

Some exciting activities from our Book Week & Book Fair were:

Poster Design

Our Primary and Secondary students were busy even before Book Week began, designing posters based on our Book Week theme. The winning posters were chosen and the winners received an ice-cream voucher each. The posters were photocopied and displayed around the campus.

Book Fair

During Book Week, FAHASA- a local book distribution company set up a bookstall inside the LRC. It was a great opportunity for our students, teachers and parents to shop for the books of their choice.

From Door to Book Cover

During Book Week if you had a chance to have a look around our school, one key difference you would have noticed was that many of our classroom and office doors had been decorated as book covers: Roald Dahl, Mo Willems, Kathryn Otoshi, Dr. Seuss, Disney – to name a few!

Story Writing Competition

Students were invited to submit a short story based on their own ideas. The winning stories from each section will be published in the EIS yearbook.

Reading Competition

There was a whole school Reading Competition for the most minutes spent reading in class. The class with the highest number of average minutes reading per student received book vouchers for each child. Grade 3J (Johnathan) of Primary and Grade 7S (Susan) of Secondary won the competition. Congratulations G3J & G7S…Keep it up!

Parents Reading

Parents were invited to read stories to their child’s homeroom class and to Primary students in the LRC at lunchtime. We were keen to have stories from and in different languages (English, German, Hindi, Korean and Vietnamese) and our kids thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Buddy Reading

Secondary students read to Primary students and some of our Primary students read to Early Years students. It was as amazing experience for our kids across the school!

Book Character Dress Up Day

To end the week, we invited everyone (including parents) to come to school dressed as a favourite book character. It was a great opportunity to celebrate your love of reading and to have a bit of fun too! Don’t forget to bring a copy of the book in which your character exists.

Teachers Interview@ Recent Readings

Along with many other activities, a group of Secondary students (Video Ninja Squad) video-interviewed some teachers about their recent readings. Thanks to Video Ninja Squad for such excellent work and for being so well organised with everything. Keep it up…!

Book Backdrop 

One of our G11 students (Justin) created a large book backdrop for photos to be taken during the Dress Up Day.  A donation of 10,000 VND per student/staff member was suggested for each photo taken. The money will be going towards creating small gift parcels of school supplies for the local children that our students will be visiting in Ta Lai Village later in May (as part of their CAS activity).

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  1. Absolutely wonderful activities. Thanks to all of the hard work that went behind the scenes to make this initiative ‘come alive’. The students are very lucky to have such a dedicated staff working for them.


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