EIS Learning Resource Centre

The new state-of-the-art EUROPEAN International School’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) was opened in August 2015. Our LRC is a place of inquiry, collaboration and creation and the central hub of learning and promoting international mindedness.

The EIS LRC mission is to encourage students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information. The EIS LRC is a shared resource catering for students and teachers in the Early Years (EY), Primary (PYP), Secondary (MYP) and Diploma areas of the school. All areas in the LRC are designed to actively stimulate students’ curiosity and love of learning.

The Learning Resource Centre has a combined collection of approximately 11,500 titles (19,000 copies). Besides English books, it has a large German Fiction and Non-Fiction collection. A small collection of fiction and picture books in Vietnamese, French, Korean, Spanish exist to support mother tongue programs. The multilingual literature in our collections is a reflection of the cultural diversity of the EIS community. The LRC also has a small but growing selection of DVDs, which can be borrowed by *students, teachers, and parents. Any donations to these collections would be appreciated.

The LRC uses Follett Destiny library management system. It also subscribes to a number of databases such as Britannica School, QuestiaSchool, and Gale Opposing Viewpoints to cater to the community requirements. The LRC also subscribes to TIME and Reader’s Digest magazines and Vietnam News (newspaper) periodically. There is a section dedicated to providing careers and university entrance information.

The Teacher-Librarian works closely with Homeroom and Specialist Teachers to schedule the pupils’ use of the LRC, in this way making sure that maximum benefit is obtained by all. We invite you to explore this site and discover the abundant services we provide for our community. You will be assured of a warm welcome, and we very much look forward to seeing you at YOUR LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE!


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