“Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”

What a very busy week at EIS! Students and parents were engaged to enter Book Week competitions, that are Caught Reading in Unusual Places, Book Review, Writing a Story Challenge, Don’t Judge a Face by its Cover, and Poster Design. So many of the fantastic, cool, cute and sweet photos were sent to the library to compete the prizes. During morning and lunch break, students were invited to join some additional activities offered by the library, that included two drama performances from Secondary classes, that are “Red the Crayon” and “Where the wild things are”, and enjoyed the relaxing time by watching the movie “Howl’s moving castle”.

This year, we were lucky to have Niall de Burca to online storytelling us during Book Week. He told from traditional stories to horror stories for our littlest kids to Grade 10. Students and teachers very satisfied with his storytelling sessions. On Friday students and teachers were dress-up as their favorite book characters for the parade. It was pleasure to see all characters came alive vividly on that day.

Check out some of our remarkable photos during Book Week 2021.

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