Book Week Online Challenge 2020

Our Book Week this year goes ONLINE! The theme is Anywhere Anytime Anybook. It takes place from 13th – 17th April 2020. To promote and celebrate the love of reading, we hope all our students, staff, and even parents will engage in a number of challenges. Please check out our daily challenges below.

  • Day 1 Challenge/Activity:
    ○ Early Years & Primary:
    ■ Read a book with words and illustrations by the same person (Bonus: you can
    read aloud to your pet or your favorite stuffed animal).
  • ○ Secondary:

■ Read a part of a book becoming a movie in 2020. Choose music that suits your
favorite story/book, then dance.

● Day 2 Challenge/Activity:
○ Early Years:
■ Read a book with a title that is a question.
○ Primary:
■ Create a poster to advertise the theme of Book Week.
○ Secondary:
■ Research a famous Australian author and write about them.

● Day 3: Meet Australian author Deborah Abela online – Wednesday, 15th April.

  • Day 4 Challenge/Activity:
    ○ Early Years & Primary:
    ■ Read a book by a female author in unusual ways/places, Or, build the main
    structure/ building/castle/etc from your favorite book. For example, with LEGO).

○ Secondary:
■ Design a back cover and blurb for your favorite book.

● Day 5 Challenge/Activity:
○ From early years to secondary students: Dress up as your favorite character and dance
freely (Bonus: DIY bookmark inspired by a book you love).

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So many Roald Dahl book characters came to life! Oompa Loompas, Mr. Willy Wonka, Fantastic Mr. Fox, the Enormous Crocodile, Mr.Twit, Esio Trot, a Golden Ticket, the BFG, the Witches, Matilda…Our kids had so much fun engaging in all the activities and learning more about Roald Dahl, from quizzes and match-ups to art & crafts and movies, everyone had a wonderful day!.

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Gale in Context: High School & Opposing Viewpoints

We now get access to two new databases (three-month trial): Gale in Context: High School and Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints that cover broad subjects such as Science, Social Science, Language Arts, History, Geography… and today’s hottest issues. Additionally, students and staff can access full-text magazines, academic journals, articles, and the news content from BBC News, The New York Times, National Geographic. Furthermore, we can approach thousands of images, videos and audio files. Happy discovery!


Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

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Gale in Context: High School

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