Book Week Online Challenge 2020

Our Book Week this year goes ONLINE! The theme is Anywhere Anytime Anybook. It takes place from 13th – 17th April 2020. To promote and celebrate the love of reading, we hope all our students, staff, and even parents will engage in a number of challenges. Please check out our daily challenges below.

  • Day 1 Challenge/Activity:
    ○ Early Years & Primary:
    ■ Read a book with words and illustrations by the same person (Bonus: you can
    read aloud to your pet or your favorite stuffed animal).
  • ○ Secondary:

■ Read a part of a book becoming a movie in 2020. Choose music that suits your
favorite story/book, then dance.

● Day 2 Challenge/Activity:
○ Early Years:
■ Read a book with a title that is a question.
○ Primary:
■ Create a poster to advertise the theme of Book Week.
○ Secondary:
■ Research a famous Australian author and write about them.

● Day 3: Meet Australian author Deborah Abela online – Wednesday, 15th April.

  • Day 4 Challenge/Activity:
    ○ Early Years & Primary:
    ■ Read a book by a female author in unusual ways/places, Or, build the main
    structure/ building/castle/etc from your favorite book. For example, with LEGO).

○ Secondary:
■ Design a back cover and blurb for your favorite book.

● Day 5 Challenge/Activity:
○ From early years to secondary students: Dress up as your favorite character and dance
freely (Bonus: DIY bookmark inspired by a book you love).

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