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In many schools around the world, you would expect to see Grade 5 students in a classroom, sitting in their desks as they passively listen to a lesson by their teachers. This is not the case at EISHCMC. On Wednesday and Thursday, 25-26 May, it was the students  (G5) who were presenting and engaging with gathered teachers, parents and peers at the annual Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition.


The exhibition has been developed under the PYP transdisciplinary theme- How We Express Ourselves and allowed students to choose projects they feel passionate about and present them to the community. It offers students and parents the chance to see the commitment of the EISHCMC in action, and recognize how it consistently challenges students to develop skills, confidence and resilience. Students divided into 3 groups and investigated three major aspects of Communication:

  • Effective Communication can help create a more sustainable Word@The Sustainable Superheroes;
  • Our Environment values & culture influences how we express ourselves@The EVCI; 
  • Media in all its forms shapes & influences society@The Exhibition Geeks;

The Sustainable Superheroes (Maya, Nancy, Nandini & Ji Yoon): Students of Sustainable group linked how effective communication can help to reduce pollution for a more sustainable world.

The EVCI (Sunny, Angelina & Artem): This group investigated how Western cultures influence Vietnamese culture in many different ways through community survey.

The Exhibition Geeks (Asha, Annie, Damita & Seung Jae): These Geeks explored the comfortability of EISHCMC’s students uniforms of different types using personal interview and survey methods within the EIS Community.

The Exhibition represents a unique and significant opportunity for students to demonstrate the attributes of the IB learner profile developed throughout their engagement with the PYP.

Congratulation to Grade 5 students and all the very best next school year!


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