Storyteller Visit 2016

On March 15, 2016 we welcomed the International Storyteller Andy Wright at EUROPEAN International School Ho Chi Minh City. Andy was born in Berkshire, England, but his family immigrated to New Zealand where he spent much of his childhood. Andy’s early life was deeply affected by having a blind mother, blind grandmother and blind great grandmother, all of whom told stories in the ancient Celtic tradition which lead to a great reliance on his choice and use of words, and the use of a wide range of voice. For more about Andy Wright, please visit his website here.

One aspect of Andy’s storytelling at EIS HCMC was his ability to paint pictures with words. Andy had three sessions in our school for the early years, for the primary students and a special sessions for our parents. He told interactive stories, with singing, dancing, and lots of audience participation which helped our students to explore the playfulness and fun of stories. The performances included stories from many parts of the world including England, Africa, China, Japan and New Zealand.

During the parents session (workshop) Andy shared some fabulous practical demonstrations of storytelling which unlocked parents inner storytelling capacity! Along with practical advice and activities for story-telling the workshop also consisted of a series of memory prompts, to help parents recall their journey.

Lots of questions to ask Mr. Andy Wright 🙂


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