LRC Policy

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LRC Mission

The mission of the EIS Learning Resource Centre is to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning in our school community whilst supporting the curricular and co-curricular programmes of the EIS and promoting international mindedness.

The LRC strives to be a learning commons that is an integral part of the school community. The LRC supports teaching, learning and research in an intellectually and culturally open environment.

The LRC Staff strive to work collaboratively with teachers to create authentic learning for all students, to encourage effective use of ideas and information; to provide quality resources to encourage reading for pleasure and to help students stay informed in a rapidly changing world.

LRC Goals
  1. To further the educational aims of the school by providing quality resources that support and enhance the curriculum and the mission of the school.
  1. To fulfill students’ educational information needs and to encourage as far as possible the extracurricular and leisure interests of the students.
  1. To promote resource-based learning through the provision of a wide range of materials, both print and virtual learning environments; and the teaching of study and information skills so that students learn how to learn, how to analyse, how to reach considered conclusions about man, his language and literature, his way in society, and the scientific forces of his environment.
  1. To promote positive attitudes towards independent learning, information literacy, libraries, reading and literature.
  1. To stimulate intercultural awareness and promote international-mindedness through the provision of materials reflecting a variety of cultures and languages.
  1. To meet teachers’ professional and recreational needs.
  1. To promote community awareness and participation in learning and reading.
Opening Hours
Monday: 07:30 – 3:00*due to staff meeting
Tuesday: 07:30 – 4:30
Wednesday: 07:30 – 4:30
Thursday: 07:30 – 4:30
Friday: 07:30 – 4:30

Students may borrow the following amount of books:

Early Years 01 book
Grade 1-2 02 books
Grade 3-5 03 books
Grades 6-10 10 books
Grades 11-12 open

The borrowing period for EY to Grade 5 is one week, and each item may be renewed for a second one-week period.

Guidelines for Teachers’ Loans

Teachers are encouraged to borrow a variety of resources from the LRC to support the curriculum and their professional development needs. Resources are lent either for the whole academic year, e.g. teaching resources, textbooks, readers, classroom resources etc., or for a fixed period appropriate to the length of the Unit being studied, generally one term (40 days). Resources used for Units e.g. UoI should be returned in a timely manner at the end of the Unit so that they can be accessed by other members of the community.

The Library will send out reminders of overdue materials as required to allow Faculty members to keep track of their loans. Faculty members can also log onto the Library system, using their school staff ID to check their outstanding items at any time.

Teachers should be responsible for the care of the resources borrowed under their names. It is understood that resources are often shared between classes, students and teaching staff, however, the ultimate responsibility lies with the person to whom the resources were lent. All teachers borrowing Guided or Home Reading resources should have an appropriate tracking system in place to ensure these resources are accounted for. It is recommended that Home Readers are loaned onto student accounts to ensure accountability. Appropriate training will be given by Library staff to all teachers.

Towards of the end of the academic year, Teachers will receive a full list of outstanding resources by email. Library staff will help to double check any outstanding loans. Classroom reference sets will be checked in situ. In the Secondary School, textbooks and classroom resources can be checked in situ.

In the event of missing items all efforts should be made to find the resources in question, e.g. checking all classroom and locker areas; double-checking the LRC shelves; checking “Lost and Found”; checking with Secondary students and parents; sending a list home to parents in case resources have been taken home by a younger student.

For lost items the action taken will depend on the item in question:

  • For teaching resources, Teachers should be responsible for the replacement cost of the item in question;
  • For classroom resources which are shared between classes and teachers, it is felt that some damage or loss is to be expected throughout the course of the academic year. There is no arbitrary number of acceptable losses, rather the following factors will be taken into consideration when assessing if a Teacher should be charged for the replacement cost of lost items;
  • number of loans over the academic year;
  • number of students having access to the resources;

The number of losses and replacement cost will be discussed with the individual Teacher and appropriate Head of Section before any bills are issued by the LRC.

All lost items will be clearly marked “Lost” in the Library system (Destiny) and replacement resources ordered where appropriate.

Overdue Loans and Lost Materials
  • Fines are not imposed on students or staff who have overdue loans.
  • Items that are lost or damaged must be paid for a replacement cost plus an administration fee of $5.00.
  • Overdue notices for students are emailed to student school email accounts and a parent email account.
  • Overdue notices for teachers are emailed to teacher email accounts.
  • Overdue notices for parents are sent to parent email accounts.
  • Overdue class lists are also given out to Junior School homeroom teachers for follow up.
The Collection

The Learning Resource Centre has a combined collection of approximately 6,000 titles. Books are divided into the following sections: Fiction (Junior Fiction, Senior Fiction, Easy Readers, and Picture Books), and Non-Fiction (Secondary Non-Fiction, Junior Non-Fiction, Biography and Reference). There is also a large German Fiction and Non-Fiction collection. A small collection of fiction and picture books in Vietnamese, French, Korean, Spanish exist to support mother tongue programmes. The LRC also has a small but growing selection of DVDs, which can be borrowed by *students, teachers and parents. The LRC subscribes TIME and Reader’s Digest magazines and Vietnam News (newspaper). Any donations to these collections would be appreciated.

*for group watching with the teacher’s permission.

The LRC collection is divided into the following sections for easy access:

JF         Junior fiction for grades 1-5
SF         Senior fiction for grades 6-12
E          Easy readers for emerging readers
PB         Picture books for all ages
GN         Graphic novels and graphic non-fiction
NF         Non-fiction informational books
R          Reference books
BB         Board books for infants and toddlers
FR         French books
SP         Spanish books
GE         German books
VN         Vietnamese books
KR         Korean books

Resources other than Fiction and Non-Fiction Books
  • Current issues of periodicals and magazines are for use only within the LRC, but back issues may be borrowed for one week by all users.
  • Books marked “R” (Reference) are only for in-house use.
  • Renewal of the same book will not be done by the same patron more than twice.
  • Also, renewal is not possible when there is a demand for a particular resource.

Parents may borrow items from the LRC but must return any item immediately if needed for school learning purposes. Parents borrow under the name of their child(ren) at school and have the same loan period as students. Some parents also help out in the LRC on a volunteer basis. Parents who are interested in doing this should contact with the Teacher-Librarian.


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